California, Sierra Nevada

Stereo views of California and the Sierra Nevada including Yosemite. Each of these will open a new browser window, or reuse the previous one. Thus once you have the size adjusted you should be able to go through the list. The primary link is for Parallel Viewing (left view on the left) -- which works with a variety of stereo viewers. The Cross-Eyed link should work for cross-eyed viewing (i.e. the images are swapped -- left view on the right)

  1. Palisades Lake, Sierra Nevada, Califorina., Cross-Eyed
  2. Piute Pass, Sierra Nevada, Califorina., Cross-Eyed
  3. Keyhole, Sierra Nevada, Califorina., Cross-Eyed.
  4. Desolation Lake, Muir Wilderness, Sierra Nevada, Califorina., Cross-Eyed.
  5. Yosemite, Califorina., Cross-Eyed. Visit Yosemite.
  6. Yosemite, Califorina., Cross-Eyed.
  7. Olmstead Point, to Clouds Rest and Half Dome, Yosemite, Califorina., Cross-Eyed. Visit Tuolumne Meadow.
  8. Half Dome from Glacier Point., Cross-Eyed. Visit Glacier Point.
  9. Hetch Hetchy, Cross-Eyed. Visit Hetch Hetchy.
  10. Darwin Lake, King Canyon NP, Sierra Nevada, Cross-Eyed. Visit Evolution Basin, Darwin Lake.
  11. Upper Ranger Meadow, Kings Canyon, Cross-Eyed. Kings Canyon Backcountry.
  12. Shadow Lake, Ansel Adams Wilderness, Cross-Eyed.
  13. Marie Lake, Sierra Nevada, Cross-Eyed.
  14. Seven Gables Lake, Sierra Nevada, Cross-Eyed.
  15. Portal Lake, Sierra Nevada, Cross-Eyed.
  16. Wanda Lake from Muir Pass, Sierra Nevada, Cross-Eyed.
  17. Italy Pass, Sierra Nevada, Cross-Eyed.
  18. Shepard Pass, Sierra Nevada, Cross-Eyed. Visit Sequoia Back Country.
  19. Mount Williamson, Sierra Nevada, Cross-Eyed.
  20. Mono Pass, Sierra Nevada, the southerly one, Cross-Eyed.
  21. Pine Creek Pass, Sierra Nevada, Cross-Eyed.
  22. New Army Pass, Sierra Nevada, Cross-Eyed.
  23. Minarets, Sierra Nevada, Cross-Eyed.
  24. Joe Crane Ridge to the Minarets, Sierra Nevada, Cross-Eyed.

Maintained by Keith Price.

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