Each of these will open a new browser window, or reuse the previous one. Thus once you have the size adjusted you should be able to go through the list. The primary link is for Parallel Viewing (left view on the left). The Cross-Eyed link should work for cross-eyed viewing (i.e. the images are swapped -- left view on the right)

  1. Mauna Ulu Crater, Hawaii Volcanos, 1980., Cross-Eyed.
  2. Stonehenge., Cross-Eyed.
  3. Entrance to Taj Mahal., Cross-Eyed.
  4. Taj Mahal., Cross-Eyed.
  5. Privat Gardens Schonbrunn, Vienna Austria, 2007., Cross-Eyed.,
  6. Congress Hall, Nazi Documentation Center, Nurnberg Germany, 2007., Cross-Eyed.,
  7. Bastei, Saxony Germany, 2007., Cross-Eyed.,
  8. Konigsee, Berchtesgaden Germany, 2007., Cross-Eyed.,
  9. Loretto Chapel, Santa Fe, 2012., Cross-Eyed.,

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